Wave modelling´╗┐

Van Vledder Consulting specializes in the modelling of wind generated waves using the SWAN and SWASH models developed by Delft University of Technology. These models form a chain of models to transform offshore wave conditions to nearshore locations or harbour basins. Key services include:

  • Development of optimal computational grid(s), rectangular, curvi-linear of  or unstructured (triangles)
  • Preparation of bathymetry 
  • Schematisation of breakwaters and reflective elements
  • Collection of wave boundary conditions, based on buoy data or based on  global Wavewatch III data
  • Computation of wave forces on structures
  • Coupling to water level and current fields
  • Coupling to high-resolution wind-fields (e.g. WRF model results)
  • Performing model computations (e.g. climate transformation, sensitivity analysis, hindcasting of historical events)
  • Post-processing (fields, spectra, tables, time series analysis, spectral partitioning, convergence behaviour)
  • Statistical analysis (normal and extreme conditions)