Selected research reports

Below is a selection of open research reports. Most of these reports have been prepared for (semi)-government agencies.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., J. Morris, and C. Gautier, 2015: Wave Growth at Short Fetches. Deltares Report 1209433-007-HYE-0010.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 2014: Wave loads in harbours and partially sheltered areas. A simple method for the determination of wave load for the safety assessment of water defences. RIKZ.2014.001 (in Dutch). 

Van Vledder, G.Ph. , R.J. Labeur, H.J. Lageveen, and S. deVree, 2013: Onderzoek naar prestaties van golfmetingen vanaf vaste meetopstellingen. Report TU Delft.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 2010: Normen voor het meten van golven. Alkyon memo A2686me02r3.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 2010: Eisen t.a.v. de minimale inwinfrequentie bij golfmetingen op Nederlandse wateren. Alkyon Memo A2686me01r3.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., B. van Rijn, en A. Haghgoo, 2010: Dijkveiligheid Den Oever. Nadere studie naar de effectiviteit van het dammenstelsel. Alkyon/Arcadis, Rapport C03011.0000026.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 2010: Golfrandvoorwaarden westelijke Waddenzee, Alkyon memo A2389_aanvulling_v2, 22 maart 2010.

Van Vledder, G.Ph. van Vledder, J. Adema, O.R. Koop, 2009: SWAN hindcast in the Eastern Wadden Sea and Eems-Dollard Estuary, Storm of 9 November 2007. SBW Waddenzee 2009, Alkyon Report A2191R5.

Van der Westhuysen, A.J., B. Huisman, F. Enet, O.R. Koop and G.Ph. van Vledder, 2009: Wave propagation through tidal inlet systems. SBW Waddenzee 2009. Deltares Report 1200114-002-HYE-0006.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 2009: Analysis of wave penetration into the Eastern Wadden Sea. SBW Waddenzee 2009, Alkyon Report A2302.

Van Vledder, G.Ph. and O.R. Koop, 2009: Audit wave monitoring Dutch salty waters. Alkyon Report A2192. Five parts.

Lipari, G., and G.Ph. van Vledder, 2008: Viability of a prototype windstorm for the Wadden Sea surges. Alkyon Report A2239R1R6.

Lipari, G., and G.Ph. van Vledder, 2008: Simulation studies for storm winds, flow fields and wave climate in the Wadden Sea. WTI 2011, Alkyon Report A2108.

Groeneweg, J., G.Ph. van Vledder, N. Doorn, S. Caires and A.J. van der Westhuysen, 2007: Storm hindcasts for Wadden Sea. Hindcasts in inlet systems of Ameland and Norderney and Lunenburg Bay. SBW Waddenzee. WL| Delft hydraulics & Alkyon report H4918.20.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 2008: Analysis of SWAN hindcasts Wadden Sea, Oosterschelde and Slotermeer. SBW Waddenzee, Alkyon Report A2085.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., and J. Adema, 2007: Hydro-dynamics in the Wadden Sea during storm conditions. Analysis of storms of 1 Nov. 2006 and 18 Jan. 2007. Alkyon Report A1848R2.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 2006: Generic hindcasting method Waddensea using SWAN. Alkyon report A1725R1R1.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 2006: Inventory of shallow water wave data. ALyon report A1725R2.

Olieslagers, P. and G.Ph. van Vledder, 2005: Advies golfrandvoorwaarden Buitenhaven Den Oever. Alkyon rapport A1520.

Van Vledder, G.Ph.,2005: SWAN Acceptance tests for RWS RIZA in 2005. Report A1477.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., and G. Hartsuiker, 2004: WAQUA-SWAN coupling. Investigation of wave-current interaction. Alkyon Report A1361.

Groeneweg, J. and G.Ph. van Vledder, 2004:  Requirements for field measurements. Delft Hydraulics – Alkyon report H4301/A1183.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 2003, Calibration of SWAN 40.20 for field cases Petten, Slotermeer and Westerschelde. Alkyon Report A1168.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 2003: Plan van aanpak voor onderbouwing veldmetingen Waddenzee. Alkyon Report A1107.

Groeneweg, J., G. Ph. van Vledder, N.Doorn, and D.P. Hurdle, 2003: Reliability of SWAN at the Pettemer sea defence. Delft Hydraulics – Alkyon report H4197/A1044.

Groeneweg, J., G. Ph. van Vledder, N.Doorn, and D.P. Hurdle, 2002: Reliability of SWAN at the Pettemer sea defence. Delft Hydraulics – Alkyon report H4197/A1044.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 2002: Summary of COST 714 reports, Alkyon report A1038.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 2002: Improved parameterisations of nonlinear four wave interactions for application in operational wave prediction models. Technical Report A151R1 for Office of Naval Research.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 2002: Golfrandvoorwaarden Voorland Nummer Een. Alkyon report A980.

Ris, R.C., D.P. Hurdle, G.Ph. van Vledder, and L.H. Holthuijsen. 2001: Deep water wave growth at short fetches for high wind speeds. Report H3817 of WL|Delft Hydraulics, Alkyon, Delft University of Technology.

Banning, G.K.F.M. van, G.Ph. van Vledder, A.J. Bliek, M.H.P. Jansen and G. Dam, ECOMORF, 2000: The modelling of the hydro-dynamics in inter-tidal areas. Svašek/Alkyon report 00327/1165-A647.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., D.P. Hurdle, R.C. Ris and J.W. van der Meer. 2000: Uni- and bi-modal wave spectra on steep foreshores. Validation of the swan-model, wave height statistics and wave overtopping, based on HR Wallingford data. Infram/Alkyon/WL Delft Hydraulics report i230/A509/H3510.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., J. Onvlee, and O. Rasquinho, 2000: Ocean Waves Directional Spectra, COST Action 714, Final evaluation report. Prepared for European Commission, Technical Committee Meteorology.

Van Vledder, G.Ph. 2000: Inventory of world-wide extreme wind and wave events. Alkyon report A632.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 1999: Investigation iteration behaviour SWAN, Alkyon Report A415.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 1999: Peak period and tests. Investigation to a useful period definition for multi-peaked spectra. Alkyon Report A411.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 1999: Source term investigation SWAN, Alkyon Report A162R1.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., and B. Winder, 1998: Test bank SWAN, Alkyon Report A285.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 1997: Transformation of wave conditions from the WASA grid to the PROMISE grid and their parameterisation in the bed stress. WL|Delft Hydraulics Report Z2025.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., N. Booij, L.H. Holthuijsen and R.C. Ris, 1996: Spectra in an estuary during a superstorm. Delft Hydraulics Rep. H2368 (together with Delft University of Technology).

Otta, A.K., G.Ph. van Vledder, L.H. Holthuijsen and R.C. Ris, 1995:Validation of SWAN against field and experimental data. Delft Hydraulics Rep. H2117.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 1993: Evaluation of model performance, Methodology, examples and subroutines. WL| Delft Hydraulics Report H1224.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., and S.L. Weber, 1987: Guide for the program EXACT-NL, Report No. 20, Max Planck Institut für Meteorologie, Hamburg, Germany.

Van Vledder, G.Ph., 1984: Computation of the nonlinear energy transfer in a narrow gravity wave spectrum with a method derived by Dungey and Hui. Internal Report No. 13-84. Fluid Mechanics Group, Dep. Civil Engineering.