Metocean conditions

Metocean conditions play a key role in the feasibility assessment, planning, design and operational aspects of offshore and nearshore activities. Important metocean conditions comprises information on wind speed and direction, wind generated waves (seas and swells), water levels and ocean currents.Metocean information can be obtained from observations, by numerical modelling or both.

Van Vledder Consulting provides the following services to collect, generate, analyse and present metocean information:

  • Derivation of wind climate
  • Derivation of offshore wave climate
  • Spectral partitioning
  • Transformation to (shallow) nearshore wave climate
  • Determination of wave conditions in and around harbour basins
  • Assessment of workability conditions
  • Assessment of near-shore long-wave conditions
  • Statistical analysis (individual wave height and crest distributions in deep and shallow water; persistency conditions, normal conditions, extreme value analysis, wind-wave misalignment)