QA and review

Gerbrant van Vledder has 30 years of experience in the research, development and application of wave models and hydraulic research. In addition, he is peer-reviewer of various scientific journals and assists in the guidance of bachelor, master and PhD. students at Delft University of Technology and Twente University.

This experience provides a sound basis for the Quality Assurance and/or review of Scientific and Technical reports.

Measurement campaign Eems-Dollard

Van Vledder Consulting is participant of a broad consortium performing and analyzing current, water level and wind wave measurements in the Eems-Dollard. The project started in the fall of 2018 and will last 12 years.

International Integrated Wave Energy Group

Since July 2019 I am pleased to be scientific advisor of the group of young researchers focusing on the integratal development of wave energy. This initiative is most relevant for the global energy transition required to keep our planet habitable.

The Ocean Cleanup

I am pleased to support  The Ocean Cleanup organisation in optimizing the plastic catching mechanisms in relation to wind waves.

Wave Piloting in the Marshall Islands

Coming month I will continue my research on wave piloting in the Marshall Island. I will visit the NGO Canoes of the Marshall Islands, sail with the OKEANOS in Majuro lagoon and discuss wave piloting and other navigation techniques with local navigation experts.

Wave Piloting In the Marshall Island

On June 19 and 20, 2017, I participated in a workshop on Wave Piloting in the Marshall islands, organised by the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies of Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.

The Secrets of the Wave Pilots

Read the story of our expedition to the Marshall islands to discover the secrets of the wave pilots which appeared in the New York Times Magazine of 20 March 2016. Follow the link:

Article on Wave Modelling in the Black Sea

Gerbrant Ph. van Vledder and Adem Akpinar, 2015. Wave Model predictions in the Black Sea: Sensitivity to wind fields. Applied Ocean Research 53, 161-178.   Download link: